Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All packed and ready to go!

gonna move to a different apartment tomorrow! what a great way to spend the holiday! hahaha. actually it's not so bad. i'm really looking forward to it. goodbye smokey apartment and hello non-smoking apartment! i wont be next door to the thai food restaurant tho which is the biggest downside. i'll have to walk a good 5 minutes to get there now. XD

the new layout is a fresh start. it's definitely got a ways to go still tho. i've got more ideas i want to implement. it's hard to work on the blog when i don't really have a computer. stupid broken laptop. i mean... it works and all but the gpu is so effed that i can't do much... the screen is so dark and my poor monitor is all by its lonesome. anyway hope everyone likes the updates. happy Canada Day! and happy birthday to my Tita Mila.


  1. awww, and there you are all packed up and ready to move!

    i like your pink shirt. cute.

  2. Nice! I like the new layout. Blogger doesn't look so boring anymore. Have fun moving.