Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Just practicing some tones... been doing a buncha portraits at work. probably more of these sketches. :)


  1. I second Garrett! Good on you man, keeping up with the posting! I gotta get MY ass in gear with it.

  2. thanks guys! gonna keep posting and posting! i got one in the works already... probably post it tomorrow!

    Andrew> just get on your tablet and sketch for 10 minutes and post it.. if that doesn't turn out well, get on your tablet the next day and sketch for 10 minutes. i find when i do a whole bunch, i can just go back to some of them and work on it for another few minutes or again the day after and work on it some more and then i'll post that. works for me and i'm liking how it's going.

  3. Nice, I dig the black and white sketches.