Wednesday, November 3, 2010

As promised

Hooray another update! This particular drawing is for Lauren and was inspired by an old lady at Subway. I've never seen anyone so excited about Subway like that old lady was. Frig she was hilarious. My hand hurts from facebook tetris so that's as far as i got with this drawing. And now... for some much needed sleep.


  1. YES! ahaha this is the best thing you could have drawn! XD
    man she was excited for that sub...

  2. Great sketch, Alvin! Got some personality here.

  3. What, Subway? You told me you guys had only 6 buses there.

  4. I like Subway a lot too.

    I love it Alvin. I like the gritty way you painted it.

  5. @Lo did it meet tour requirements? It doesn't look that much like her either

    @Chechik thanks man I was going for something less bland than my last fe posts

    @ben not the subway but Subway the sub making place haha

    @Garrett subway is good once in a while but not when you have it a lot

    Thanks for the kind words guys

  6. wait so you were playing facebook tetris with the crazy happy old lady?

  7. this is super funny man! love the character